Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

How many students will be in each class?
The minimum number of students required to run a class is 3.  The maximum class size is 10-12 students. 

Can we take a "trial" class?
We don't offer individual or single "trial classes" but students may register for an 8 week "trial" of a particular class at a set rate. If the student wishes to continue with the class after 8 weeks you will be billed for the balance of the seasons fees.
Is there an assessment in order to place my child in the appropriate class? 

The Director teaches the majority of the classes in the studio, but will meet each family and assess each student to ensure proper placement in class. Students may be moved within the first 3-4 weeks to ensure students are placed in a class that will give them the best opportunity to grow, learn.

Can I watch my child's class?
Our studio does not have viewing windows, however, the studio doors are left open the majority of the time but may be closed to prevent distraction to the students during peak class times.

In addition, we have a parents viewing week right before Christmas break. Students are allowed to invite two-four people to watch depending on class size, photos and videos are permitted at this time. 

What is the schedule and methods of payment for classes?
A costume deposit due upon registration (contact studio for further information). Additional costume fees (if required) are due in March. Fees may be paid in full, in 3 equal payments, or in 10 monthly installments with the final payment to be made no later than May 15th. We accept cash postdated cheque and money orders at this time. We are more than willing to work with programs such as Jump Start.

Can you tell me more about the end of year recital? Our recital is held at the Orillia Opera House in the Lightfoot Auditorium. It is usually held the second Sunday in June. Dress rehearsal is held the morning of the show at 10am and the performance starts at 3pm.  
a Continuity rehearsal is held 1-2 weeks before the dress rehearsal and recital day. This rehearsal runs from 9am to 1pm. There is no additional fee for the continuity rehearsal or dress rehearsal - these rehearsals are offered by school to ensure the students have the rehearsal time they need to be comfortable and successful in a performance atmosphere.

Tickets for recital go on sale approx. one month before the performance. 

Extra rehearsal time outside of regular class time is sometimes required and every attempt is made to schedule additional rehearsal times that work for students, families and teachers.

What is the best time/method to connect with the teachers?
Parents wishing to speak with teachers should make an appointment to meet with the teachers. At this time there is not a receptionist. 

How is information communicated to parents throughout the season?
Newsletters and other notices are posted in the waiting room and sent out to families via Email. If you do not wish to receive them using this method please be sure to inform us at registration, otherwise it is assumed you regularly check your email and you are aware of the information in the newsletters.