Classes and Workshops


Orillia Dance Academy offers classes for students age three and up in the disciplines below. Our regular season runs from September to June with classes and camps available in the summer.
Our dance season wraps up with an end of year performance.

Our studios are equipped with sprung flooring, mirrors and barres to ensure your child has the tools to train effectively and safely. In addition to these features our facility includes: free parking, change room, waiting room, filtered water, coffee and healthy snacks.

Classes are set at a reasonable size to ensure individual attention and safety.

Orillia Dance Academy is committed to inclusive opportunities for dance education.

Private lessons available on request.

Dance disciplines currently offered:

Ballet - Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)
Students will gain a strong foundation in classical technique.  RAD syllabus contains four elements: Classical Ballet, National (folk dance of the world adapted for stage), Free Movement (based on Classical Greek dance) Mime and eventually pointe work (by permission of the Artistic Director).

Pre-pointe and Pointe

These classe are only available by permission of the Artistic Director and require the student to take a minimum of 3 classes per week (2 must be Ballet) and be the age of 9 or older for pre pointe and 11 or older for Pointe with at least 3 years of ballet training.

This class explores movement vocabulary that challenges students physically, emotionally and intellectually as they navigate a myrid of aesthetics in this ever evolving form. Taught in partnership with Simcoe Contemporary Dancers, this class is rooted in foundations and principals of Limón modern dance technique.

Using songs, instruments, and imagination, this class is an introduction to movement. With a focus on creative play, your child will gain musicality, coordination and classroom behavioural skills.

Limón Modern Dance
Limón Modern Dance is rooted in the movement explorations of modern dance pioneers José Limón and his teacher/mentor Doris Humphrey. Limón technique emphasizes the rhythm of fall and recovery, use of breath, and the interplay between weight and weightlessness. This expressive style encourages the use of breath to create movement in the torso which in turn informs the movement of the limbs. New This year DUNCAN Technique!

Lyrical combines vocabulary from ballet and jazz to create a highly technical and expressive dance style.  Lyrical is deeply rooted in the use of emotive music selections that engage students to marry technique and theatricality to tell a story through movement.

Modern Theatre Dance - Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD)
The ISTD syllabus combines a variety of modern dance influences to assist in limbering the body and  fostering creative artistic expression.

Musical Theatre
This class combines dancing, acting and lip-syncing. Using songs from popular musicals students are given the tools to help create and develop their charaters through the use of mime, improvisation, comedy and story telling.

Tap  - Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD)
A fun-filled way to work as team and develop rhythmical awareness, tap dancers are also muscians, creating rhythmic lines using beats, riffs  and patterns to accent the music.
We also offer classes in CDTA and BATD Tap.

Rooted in classical technique Jazz if fun, upbeat and fast! Performed to current and classic music that everone loves! ISTD, CDTA and BATD

Hip Hop

Urban and grounded this is the style that everyone is talking about! Must be 9 years or older for this style.

Students who wish to take part in our exam program must take a minimum of two classes a week in the desired discipline. Additional exam classes begin in November. These fees are not included with regular class fees.

In addition to the disciplines above, we also offer workshop opportunities in a variety of styles such as conditioning, stretch and strengthacro and more throughout the year.